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MATT spent several years as an engineer at a top audio post house before opening his own studio in 2007. He has recorded, mixed and sound-designed hundreds of advertising spots, corporate videos, tv shows, and independent films- from cancer survival stories to gay zombies and everything in between. 


On his off days (or at 3am), Matt can be found catching up on sports, playing golf with his brother, watching black and white war movies, and persuing his life-long dream of international fame from discovering Sasquatch.



MAGGIE has worked over a decade as a producer and an award-winning videographer in Houston and Seattle. She keeps the fires under control and all of your ducks in a row.... in session, at least.  (When you’re home the ducks are your responsibility). She oversees all project details and keeps your job, budget, schedule, and coffee orders on track. 


Maggie obsessively takes photos, tracks down thrift store bargains, and collects non-fiction books.  You may not hear the twang anymore, but she’s still a Texas girl at heart.

“My compliments, Matt, on your beautiful studio. In 30 years in the business, it was one of the best narration recording experiences I’ve ever had.”  ( J Hamann)


“Matt did an absolutely spectacular job in recording. I am so pleased!”  (C Barker)


“...I wanted to say thank you for all your hard work on the video... Our team was very satisfied!”  (R Kossoff)


"Thanks again for providing your studio for our VO record this morning. I was very impressed with the space but also your level of expertise and  attentiveness. You both are wonderful hosts!"   (W Sherwood)


"This may be the best set of spots to date."  (E Hawkins)


"I was very impressed with you and your team's approach to the whole recording process. Really well done. Thanks again."  (A Bhrany)


" I wanted to say how professional your team has been throughout this process. Thanks for answering our questions with amazing response time, and thank you for making an incredible commercial."    (J Green)

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