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Voiceover recording, custom sound design, and mixing for commercial broadcast, corporate videos, television programming, film, gaming, phone prompts, podcasts, political campaigns, PSA’s, in-store promos, and new media


Digital patching for remote voiceover recording


Location recording for interviews, live events, and video shoots


SAG/AFTRA signatory services for on-screen and off-screen talent


ADR/Looping for film or video


Custom music searches, music editing, and track licensing to complement your music bed needs


Instant radio uploading and trafficking to get your spots ready for air


File conversions for all types of digital audio formats including: MP3, AIFF, WAV, VOX, ADPCM, and any other format you may need


Duplication and transfer between: CD, Cassette, DAT, Record/Vinyl, Beta SP, DVCam, DV, DVD, and VHS

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